Stuart Birnbaum photographed Elisa Leonelli as sultry 1940s movie star.
The character she would play in “Supermarket Sweep”

Elisa Leonelli. Los Angeles. February 1972. Photographed by Stuart Birnbaum.

Stuart Birnbaum and Matt Neuman were interviewed about “The Chicken Little Comedy Show”, just picked up by KEMO-TV San Francisco, on the talk show “Headshop” hosted by Elliot Mintz. KTTV-Metromedia, Los Angeles 1972

Matt Neuman, Stuart Birnbaum. Headhsop. KTTV-Metromedia. Los Angeles 1972Stuart Birnbaum, Elliot Mintz. Headhsop. KTTV-Metromedia. Los Angeles 1972
This sketch is a parody of Ingmar Bergman’s “The Seventh Seal” where Max Von Sydow plays chess with death. In the Chicken Little version, Stuart Birnbaum plays Monopoly.  It was filmed on location by Neil Montone with his 16mm Arriflex.



Stuart Birnbaum: This sketch was a parody of a then popular (1972) Colombian Coffee Advertising campaign, featuring a fictitious coffee bean grower, Juan Valdez. In the Chicken Little version, Juan is a cruel capitalist overseer, exploiting the peasants. And BTW – he’s not growing coffee, but weed. This bit was so far ahead of its time, my head spins! 🙂

Neil, Chuck, Ted, Stuart, David-w

Stuart-Valdez 5w

Stuart, Chuck, David, Ted-w

Stuart Birnbaum: The parody of a then popular bra commercial featured a nun (Elisa Leonelli) tightening her bra straps and caressing her breasts. It was broadcast live on KEMO-TV in San Fransciso in 1972 on “The Chicken Little Comedy Show.” Unthinkable at the time.

Elisa-nun2wElisa-nun 1972-w

Matt Neuman as the patient of a Nazi dentist, Dr. Heinrich “Heine” Von Stillborn, played by Stuart Birnbaum. (We don’t have a video of this sketch in our archives)

Matt-Nazi dentist-w

Stuart-dentist-wMatt Neuman with Stuart Birnbaum as Sherlock Holmes

Stuart, Matt-Sherlock-w

Neil Montone, Larry Arnstein, Stuart Birnbaum in “The Dated Game”

Neil, Larry, Stuart-w

Stuart Birnbaum as Jacques Cousteau in “Rancho Atlantis” Elisa Leonelli as one of three mermaids.

Stuart, Elisa-Atlantis-w

SKI REPORT – David Hurwitz

David-Ski 2w

John Lewis in “Everybody Needs Power”

John-Power 2-wStuart Birnbaum as Richard Nixon in “Everybody Needs Money”

Stuart-Nixon 2wMatt Neuman in “Wide World of Sports”


THE PERSUASIONS, legendary acapella singing group, made a special appearance on “The Chicken Little Comedy Show” November 22, 2012.

The Persuasions. The Chicken Little Comedy Show. KEMO-TV, San Francisco 1972The Persuasions with Matt Neuman, Stuart Birnbaum, Chuck Stepner, David Dashev.

Persuasions, Matt, Stuart, Chuck, David 2wMatt Neuman and Stuart Birnbaum with a rep from Larraburu bread, one of the sponsors of “The Chicken Little Comedy Show.”

Matt, Larraburu, Stuart-wDon Novello made his first television appearance as Father Guido Sarducci on “The Chicken Little Comedy Show” in November 1972.

Sarducci 2-wStuart Birnbaum and Matt Neuman interviewed about “The Chicken Little Comedy Show”  on Newsroom, KQED, San Francisco November 14, 1972

Matt, Stuart-KQED 1w John Lewis, Larry Arnstein, Stuart Birnbaum, Matt Neuman, Grace Koheler, Chuck Stepner

John, Larry, Stuart, Matt, Grace, Chuck-w